About us

'Under 1000 Gallery' was established in 2014, in Florentine, the neighborhood at the heart of the street art scene in Tel-Aviv.
The gallery was set up with the purpose of making original high quality Israeli art accessible to the wide public, with a unique concept that all artworks in the gallery are sold within a limit of up to $1000.
An eclectic mix of original Israeli art can be purchased at the gallery, from well-known Israeli artists such as Menashe Kadishman, Yair Garbuz, Tsibi Geva, Ayelet Hashahar Cohen, to promising young artists and street artists such as Adi Sened, Tzach Shif, DEDE, Mor Riemer, FOMA and many more.
'Under 1000 Gallery' offers a unique platform and home for more than a thousand Israeli artists. The gallery's French-salon-style display of works showcases a wide variety of artworks, without exposition, only the artist's name and the price. This allows the spectator to relate to the artwork in an unmediated way, without written explanations or interpretations. Each person can find the artwork they truly connect with and which speaks to them personally.
In 2016 a second 'Under 1000 Gallery' space opened at the Dan Design Center, in Bnei Brak.

60 Abarbanel Sreet (Florentine) Tel Aviv,

tel. 03-652-6061

Dan Design Center, HaLehi 2 Bnei Brak,

tel. 03-642-1199