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Tariel Demchinsky

Born in Tbilisi (Georgia) in 1971 to a family of an artist and teacher at the Academy of Art.
He graduated from the art studio at the Tbilisi Artist House and the Nikoladze Art High School.Tariel underwent training at workshops for painting and sculpture at the Georgian Academy of Arts and Germany, and worked in the restoration of ancient architectural monuments
In 198 he moved to Israel.
From 1999 to 2016 he worked as a modeling sculptor in Frank Meisler’s world renowned fine sculpture gallery nestled in the winding alleys of Jaffa’s historic seaside artist quarter.
His pictures and sculptures form part of private collections in Israel, USA, Georgia, Russia, France, England and Romania …

Group exhibitions
2010 Good morning Tel Aviv “. The Light House Gallery, Old Jaffa
2010 “Spring Still Life”. The Light House Gallery, Old Jaffa
2011 “Leil de Lumiere”. The Light House Gallery, Old Jaffa
2011 “Linea Alba” .Old Jaffa Museum
2012 “Good Morning Tel Aviv”. Art Festival, Old Jaffa Museum
2012 “Old Jaffa reveals It’s Secrets”, The Light House Gallery, Old Jaffa
2012 “City in Motion”. Kolnoa Esther, Tel-Aviv
2013 “Naive light over Jerusalem”. Jerusalem International Naive Art Festival, Jerusalem Theatre
2016 The”russian” artists of israel at the turn of the 21st century , Jerusalem
2018 “Sequences”. Delicias Civic Center, Spain, Zaragoza

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