Svemme, What’s your Genre?


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The painting is called “What’s your genre?”
Measurements: 125 x 85 cm
technique: acrylic on canvas
This painting asks you to look inward and genuinely think about what your ‘genre’ is. This means, who are you really? What is the true authentic beat to your drum? To the artist, this represents embracing all facets of who you are. Even if, at first glance, they don’t seem to align with who you want to become – or you have hidden it away. Never forget where you came from and dare to show up as you are, always.


Svemme is a Dutch artist who is endlessly fascinated and inspired by people’s raw human experiences. ‘What makes us human?’ is a continuous theme in her paintings, portraying the good and bad simultaneously. Svemme’s paintings are direct, colorful, and hide a deeper meaning that are sparking us to think. This artist uses different color schemes, drawings and text to emphasize the complete story.

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